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Gold Purchase is and will remain the only secure value face to economical troubles.

You wish to protect your relatives, prepare the future and secure your assets ?
Invest in gold by buying various physical bars andcoins. Gold purchase and sale is simple and open to all purses.

The experts of the Or Expertise office situated at Toulouse are at you service for your gold purchase and resale.

Buy gold at Or Expertise by Fidso Toulouse - Achat d'Or / Vente d'Or: gold bars and coins.

Investments in physical gold and silver are undestuctible shelter values. The constitute a secure and profitable placement in the mid-run and long-run, thanks to an advantageous taxation.
Gold offers a protection of your assets, it protects against the risk of uncontrolled inflation. It is an insurance anti-crisis in a diversified portfolio.
Investing on gold (coins & bars) protects you against the weakened international financial system.
Our coins and bars are opened to all. Choising a product or another depends on your budget; you can then buy gold coins, such as the classical French Napoleon but also the British Souverain, the Swiss Vrenelli, the Mexican 50 Pesos or also the South-African Krugerrand... We offers also various weights of bars, from 5 grammes (g) to the kilo (kg), without forgetting the famous ounce (oz).

This universal currency can be an ideal gift to celebrate an event such as a birthday. It can also be a great option to organize a succession or prepare the future of a relative.

Take an appointment today in your Toulouse office.
The experts of the Or Expertise by Fidso Toulouse - Achat d'Or / Vente d'Or branch welcome you with or without appointment. They will answer all your questions and demands and will provide you with the best advice to sell your gold.

Vous would like to sell gold coins ? You wish to know the value of the famous yellow metal depending on the < a href=https://www.orexpertise.com/cours-de-l-or.html>""today price"" ?

Our customized valuations are free !
We realize free customized and detailed analysis of your goods, whatever their shape (gold jewel, remains, dental and industrial gold, bar, coins and collections...) in order to determinate their purity.

Every gramme is valuable !
You wish to invest or sell your gold ? We advise you and we will offer the best price. Our estimations are based on the daily official price. The payment is immediate by check or transfer, according to the current law. Transaction are made in a private way.

Gold resale at Toulouse
You are looking to sell you gold jewels ?
We buy all shapes of jewel, broken or not: rings, chains, necklaces, earrings, medals, pendants, broochs, watches, curb chains, old jewels, precious stones or simple gold remains.
Consult us for a private estimation of your gold and silver.
We verify punches and we analyse your goods to define the purity, the density of gold in each object (the most common carats are: 22K, 18K, 14K and 9K).
We will then offer you the best price based on the official daily price. The payment is immediate.

In case of jewel selling, you have 48 hours to get back your good if you change your mind.
Contact us! The agency Or Expertise by Fidso Toulouse - Achat d'Or / Vente d'Or