Or Expertise : Gold Purchase, Sales and Jewels Resale

Or Expertise presentation

The Or Expertise offices are specialized in purchasing and selling precious metals since many years in France and Spain.

Gold Sales
Transform your gold into cash in order to realize your project. Sell your gold in any shape: old jewel, remains, dental gold, watch... Our experts analyse the purity of your goods and price them on the basis of the official price of the day. We offers you the best purchase price.

Do your old jewels sleep into your drawers ?
Whether in gold, silver or platinum, the experts of the Or Expertise estimate and pruchase your precious metals. Whatever the shape, broken or not, our experts will give you the most valuable estimation.

Need of advice to invest into gold coins or bars ?
Gold is easy to buy and sell, all depend on your budget; you can then buy gold coins, such as the classical French Napoleon but also the British Souverain, the Swiss Vrenelli, the Mexican 50 Pesos or also the South-African Krugerrand... You can also buy the 1kilo bar or nuggets...
Do not hesitate, come in your Or Expertise office the nearest from you.

When it is gold, nothing more precious than trust.

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